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Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones

The Shoe Shop, 1911  after ELIZABETH SPARHAWK-JONES 30 x 40 Oil on Canvas
This painting was great to study. I feel I have learned from the effort to reproduce it.
 The New York Times, having declared her painting The Porch in an exhibition in 1907, “the most unforgettable canvas in the show,” anointed her “the find of the year” in 1908.  (The link also show's "The Shoe Shop")
Yeah, for the women artists out there!
My next project involves 5 men at a village meeting of community affairs, in Botswana.
I have had this picture for many years, and always in the back of my mind  have wanted to paint these men. At the time I had no clue how to begin. Maybe I still have no clue, (in the whole scheme of things), but it is time to try.
 My hope is to do it justice.