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Portraits with Sally Poet

Stefanie 11 x 14 Oil on Canvas Panel 
This Portrait is of a class mate in my painting 1 class. Stefanie was great fun to paint! I was so lucky to be able to paint such a beautiful model. I hope I represented her well.  There are areas with the painting I struggled with but as I worked to figure it out, gained insight in the process.  One more Portrait to go for Sallies class

Still Life with Sally Poet

Peaches, Tea Pot, Lemon 9 x 12 Oil on Canvas Panel
This painting was done with a palette knife. It was fast and fun. The table cloth the objects were sitting on was a yellowish color. So a change was made to better complement the other colors.

Still Life with Sally Poet

60 Turns a Minute 20 x 16 Oil on Canvas

"60 Turns" was done in studio as a midterm project for Sally. It was started four weeks ago. Time was spent  moving things around and working on the lighting. The background dogged me for days, and the eggs were to be colored eggs I had picked up special from the farmers market, only to change them to white so they would stand out against the foreground. 
So things learned......plan, plan, plan, especially at this stage of my studies. Get it all worked out at the start. Learning what has to get worked out is the trick for me. That seems silly, but... I do know it is absolutely true that the drawing has to be solid. 
What I love about this piece is the ladle with the rusty edges, and the handle.... the wooden part, and along the length where it says 60 turns a minute. The raised lettering was the last detail.  
The changes I would make next time are what keeps it fresh,  wanting to do something well. 
Oh! if you are wondering what the …